What We Do

Our Empowering Initiatives for Positive Change in Greenville

Community outreach programs

Engaging with residents to foster a sense of community and promote positive change.

Economic development initiatives

Engaging with residents to foster a sense of community and promote positive change.

Neighborhood improvement projects

Enhancing the physical environment and quality of life for residents.

Stakeholder advocacy efforts

Enhancing the physical environment and quality of life for residents.

Youth empowerment programs

Empowering young people to become leaders and positively impact their community.

Environmental sustainability projects

Empowering young people to become leaders and positively impact their community.

Greenville Art Walk

A community event showcasing local artists and musicians, bringing together residents and visitors to celebrate the neighborhood’s creativity and culture.

Farmers Market

A weekly market providing fresh produce and other goods to the community, helping to promote healthy eating and support local agriculture.

Greenville Business District Revitalization

A project to improve the area’s commercial corridors, attracting new businesses and investment and creating job opportunities for local residents.

Transforming the Community Through Empowering Initiatives

At I Love Greenville, our passion lies in transforming our community through empowering initiatives. With a deep-rooted commitment to fostering positive change, we strive to create a thriving and inclusive environment for all.

Through collaborative efforts and innovative programs, we aim to address the pressing needs of our community, ranging from education and healthcare to environmental sustainability and economic development.

By empowering individuals and organizations to actively participate and contribute, we envision a future where Greenville becomes a beacon of hope and progress. Join us on this remarkable journey as we work together to build a stronger, more vibrant Greenville for generations to come.

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Together we can.
Be part of the change.

 I Love Greenville, we believe that the key to improving our community lies in the involvement and collaboration of its residents.

We invite everyone in the Greenville community to participate in our planning initiative and help us achieve our mission of creating prominence and prosperity in the area.

Be a Member

Members help to plan and execute community projects, while volunteers can contribute their time and skills to support these efforts.


Even small contributions can make a big difference, and all donations go towards creating social and economic opportunities for Greenville residents.

Attend Events / Meetings

Stay informed and engaged with the initiative. These gatherings allow residents and stakeholders to share their ideas and contribute to the planning process.


By advocating for the Greenville community, you can help to generate support and momentum for community initiatives.

Building a Thriving Community: Partnering for Economic Growth in Greenville


At I Love Greenville, we recognize that a thriving economy is essential to building a strong and vibrant community. That’s why we have partnered with local businesses, government officials, and other community organizations to promote economic growth and prosperity in Greenville. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to create a supportive environment for businesses to start, grow, and succeed.

Our initiatives include providing resources and training to local entrepreneurs and small business owners, collaborating with local officials to attract new businesses and industries, and promoting sustainable economic development. By working together, we can create job opportunities, increase access to essential goods and services, and improve the quality of life for all residents in Greenville. Join us in our mission to empower our local economy and build a better future for our community.


Provide resources and training to entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Attract new businesses and industries to create job opportunities.


Support initiatives for sustainable economic development.


Our Upcoming Events

Community Meet & Greet 

June 7, 2023 at 311 Martin Luther King DrJersey City, NJ 07304

This event offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn about the services and resources available in the area, and engage in fun activities and games.

Community Meet & Greet 

August 12, 2023 

Come join us for a sizzling summer day at our Community BBQ event! Enjoy mouth-watering BBQ, connect with your neighbors and support the Greenville community. Fun games and activities for all ages.

Annual College & Career Fair

October 14, 2023

Join us for an exciting opportunity to explore your future and meet representatives from HBUC’s, Public & Private Universities, Trade Schools & Career Opportunities.